Kiki-Sunshine is Founder and Director of Atelier Y Events, Atelier Y Photography and Wonder Hill Market.

Primarily though, she is an artist, who’s love for photography, light, detail and beauty follows her love for her family, her man and her little dog, Nell.

Having studied a degree in Photographic Arts and always having had a bit of an eye for detail, Kiki-Sunshine aims to capture that special, un-illustrated magic that exists between people and between moments. Seeing that something distinct, beautiful and individual that exists in each day and person brings her inspiration and she aspires to reflect that whisper in each shot, to share with you.

Atelier Y is her little haven of a studio where she photographs, edits, paints, draws and creates and is named after her main inspirations in life and beauty – her mother and grandmother.

Kiki-Sunshine currently lives in London, enjoys long walks, cake, cocktails, craft and laughter, but a big part of her heart rests in the Cotswolds where she grew up.


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